Christmas pics of the girls!

We finally decided to go get the girls pictures taken.  One of the mom bloggers I regularly follow is also a photographer.  She is going to be in town in Febuary, so I was thinking about postponing them and having her do them, but I am not sure how that is going to go, so we decided to pull the trigger now.  I guess it is good to go get the traditional Christmas pictures anyway.  These are memories in the making!  (Haha, that is total sarcasm directed at my brother!)
Ariana was pretty grumpy as usual.  She did not seem to dig the flash in her face every 3 seconds.  Kira was kind of a terror for Kira.  Last year she did great.  This year, she only wanted to run out and play with the Legos in the waiting room.  We managed to get some decent pics though:

 This one is my favorite.

I really like this one too.

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  1. Those are fabulous pics. I hope everyone in your house gets well soon too!!