Yay for Cookies!!!

Yum....  I have spent all evening making cookie dough to be cut and cooked tomorrow.  Love it!  And what goes with cookie dough...  Wine of course.  Extra yum...  I love Christmas.  More on how my cookies turned out tomorrow.  The bad news is: I am almost out of wine.  Guess I'll have to make a run before I start actually baking.  I have a lot to wrap up tomorrow (both literally and figuratively).
Kira seems to be feeling fine now, though we were warned she is still contagious until all of her bumps are totally healed, at least 10 days.  So, 3 more days...  Poor kid is going totally stir crazy.  We definitely don't want anyone to catch her plague so close to the holidays, so we have been careful to confine her to our house.  Praises be that Ariana still seems to be feeling fine, other than her usual grumpy self.  Oh well, we'll get in plenty of fun Christmas-y activities at the end of the week.  Plus, Grandad is coming on Thursday!!!  Yay!  We are really excited to be spending Christmas with him.  And he is bringing us a dog door.  Seriously, I think I am more excited about that than anything else.  Wow, maybe I should hide my laziness better. 
Hmmm...  one bottle of wine down.  Don't judge, it's the holidays!  And I have been subjected to football talk all day.  The only good part was forcing myself to sit down and actually watch the Saints play.  Wait, did I say good?  I guess that was not actually the case as they totally ate it!  At least I got some nice down time.  And now for an early bedtime...  Aria has been waking up around 6 am as of late. This is entirely unaccetable, but it is hard to convince her of that.  She just screams louder.  And as she sleeps 2 feet from my head, THAT is truly unacceptable.  At least I get some good quiet time in.  Quiet time is hard to come by in my house,  I wonder why...  Sadly, I finished the last season of Weeds on Netflix instant watch yesterday and of course they left me on a total cliff hanger!  Jerks.  Luckily for me, they have Arrested Development, which, surprisingly, my mom recommended.  For as crazy as she sometimes is, she watches really good tv.  Haha.   I am starting to kind of look forward to it. 
But here in the present, I am looking forward to another glass of wine.  Have a good night everyone.  (And a good morning to ya as well!)

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