The highlights... (School version)

Oh man, it has been a loooonnnngggggg week.  Add a few more letters to that one, huh?  But that is just how it has been.  One final left, on Wednesday.  Yuck.  And of course it is my hardest class, Microbiology.  What sucks about it is, I took that class a couple of years ago in Virginia, but stupid Texas schools won't take it.  I loved it then, it was my favorite subject.  I hate it this time around.  I really don't appreciate my professor as a teacher.  As a professional, he is intelligent, interesting, thought provoking.  It is unfortunate that it doesn't translate well to his tests.  I think in the end I pulled out 2 A's and 2 B's this semester, which sucks.  Possibly 3 A's and 1 B, if my Nutrition teacher is nice and rounds my 89.3 up to an A, and assuming I actually managed to nab a B in Micro.  My teacher hasn't handed anything back except test grades, so I really have no idea.  Based on my tests, I got a B.  I guess that isn't so bad.  I needed A's though.  I am accustomed to getting A's.  I think this semester I may have bitten off more than I could effectively chew.  I miscalculated how much a newborn really took out of you.  Particularly when you are teetering on the edge of PPD while your infant dangles dangerously close to the wrong side of colic.  Doesn't really make for ideal studying conditions.  I just didn't put in the effort I really needed to.  I have to overcome and work harder next semester.  Which leads me to the question: do I take fewer classes so that I can focus better and hopefully achieve better grades or do I just struggle through to get my degree as quickly as possible?
I got accepted into UT Arlington, which has a partnership program where I can get my bachelor's online in 15 months.  I want to do it, but I am anxious about the details.  Namely the fact that the government will not pay me to take online classes.  So we would be living off of Steve's money, which is not nearly enough to cover our bills.  Our option is to take out student loans for the year and a half until I get my degree and live VERY frugally.  Which is possible and still probably less than we would have to do had I gone to college the traditional way.  There are several university nursing programs here in Houston.  The problem is they are all downtown and all 5 days a week, 8-4.  As Steve and I learned this semester, he is not a stay at home dad, meaning we would have to put the girls in daycare at least a couple days a week.  We would pretty much be in the same situation since daycare for 2 in diapers is about what I would make from the government anyway.  Plus I can't imagine missing out on so much of my girls babyhood.  It is 2 years that I wouldn't get to be there to watch them learn and grow everyday.  On the plus side, through UTA, I will finish at least 6 months earlier and can go get a job, hopefully one that keeps better hours while my girls are little.  And I won't use up all of my school benefits, therefore I can go get my Master's for cheap if not free.  Did I mention that?  My GI benefits run out in 20 months, which leaves me about a year short to get my degree through a traditional program.  All said and done, I can finish in 18 months through UTA, 2 and a half years through a normal program.  Through UTA I will have 2 months left over, plus another 120 hours through the Hazelwood Act.  So there is another facet.  Even if I do a regular program, a year from now, we are going to be right back at this same cross roads.  Oh to be an adult and have to make decisions.  Often I wish God spoke a little louder.  Anyone have any words of wisdom?

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  1. You can get a nursing degree online? What about the clinical part? G.I. Bill will still pay your tuition and book stipend, so keep that in mind. Also you only need one brick and mortar class to get your BAH which is cool, too.