Adventures in the Mama Life

Ah, today fun was had by all.  We played at the playground in the mall, ate some delicious fast food, and I used the junior potty.  That's right.  Picture my big ole mama butt on that teeny tiny toilet designed for very small children.  Ok, picture may not have been the right word there.  No one really needs that mental image.  My bad.  But seriously folks.  Is it not the FAMILY bathroom?  And is not mama a part of said family?  And really, what choice do I have?  By the time I maneuvered my 'boat referred to as double stroller' into the cramped stall of the regular bathroom, I would most likely no longer need to use it as I would have already involuntarily relieved myself all over the floor.  Don't they know what having two kids does to your pelvic floor?!  Come on.  No, but really it wasn't that uncomfortable.  What was more uncomfortable was the toddler insisting on throwing small pieces of toilet paper between my legs the whole time.  AH, this is the mama life.
It was kind of one of those great days though.  I hate my double stroller (as evidenced in my previous comment), so normally I opt to take the single stroller and the sling.  So, the girls switch off.  At some point, Ariana was in the stroller while Kira ran around like crazy.  She was hilarious.  Every store we walked by that had music playing, she had to stop to dance.  She got in the middle of the walkway and got down with her super bad self.  It was hil-ar-ious.  Luckily, the only people wandering around the mall at 11am are grandmas and other moms, so everyone was quite charmed.  She is certainly my little diva.
It was one of those days when I think I could definitely do this again.  One more in the mix wouldn't be so bad.  Not like Ariana messed up the routine at all.  Ah, I shouldn't even go there.  Don't even want to think about it.  Steve and I had a bit of an incident.  The 'thing' (you know, the 'things'.  Doesn't anyone watch Everybody Loves Raymond?  Love that show.)  Back to the thing.  The thing that fell off right in the middle of that special moment.  And of course this couldn't happen on any regular day.  No, it has only happened that once and the ONE day happened to be the time I was most likely ovulating.  I really shouldn't tell you this, it is probably way TMI, but this is my space to vent about whatever I want to vent about and there you have it.  Terrified.  The worst part is waiting.  You can't know until you are so far, right, and that means another two weeks for me.  Hopefully the mere fact that I am throwing it out there means that I am not.  God wouldn't do that to us right?  Right....
We're off to Cali visiting the in-laws for a week tomorrow!  I am really excited.  Steve's family is amazingly functional.  It is fun to see how the other side lives.  However, I think Casa de Mona only offers dial up Internet, so if you don't hear from me, I am temporarily away from my desk.  :)

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