To my Future Son in Law

My mother is all about the embarrassing pictures. She gets a huge kick out of them.  And she has quite a few of us.  So in that tradition, here are some great ones I got of Kira in the past week or so.  I am sure she will never forgive me, but I just couldn't help myself, it's in my blood.  Let the hilarity ensue:
She was rebuffed trying to pick my nose, so she picked her own instead.
Kissing lesson with her fish bath toy?
I don't even think there are words for this one.  My mom is all about the potty pictures though.  It is totally necessary we got one, lest we be disowned.

That was a newborn skirt.  i am not sure exactly where it came from, but she found it, managed to get it over her big old toddler butt, and then dance around in it.  I was amused.  Here she is messing up my pile of Goodwill clothes.

Run Away!  It's the sweater monster!

Hehehehehe...  And fun was had by all.

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