I feel like writing, but...

I don't really know what to say today.  I wish I had something witty and interesting, that I would be an instant web success!  But, yeah, instead I have 2 snotty children and a sink full of dishes.  Again.  How does that happen?  I JUST DID DISHES.  I hate dishes.  If I wasn't so cheap or so poor I would throw them all away and only use things I didn't have to wash.  But then I would feel guilty because it's bad for the environment and I want my children to have a nice place to raise their own children someday...  Lord, I have a pang of guilt every time I pull off a paper towel, I can only imagine using only things I throw away. Ah, the mama life.  It's a pretty good life, I've got to admit.
I think I am getting less cranky.  The fog is lifting.  Bout damn time huh?  But I have found in the past few days, it is easier to smile, everything makes me laugh, I don't lose my patience as quickly.  Yep, folks, it's been a good time over here at the mama life.  I hope this post finds you doing just as well.

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