We finally cleaned the closet.

Sigh.  It was quite the job.  Since it was included in the part of our house that flooded, everything was strewn about as we tried to get stuff off the floor and out of the water.  Being as such, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go through and take out all of the clothes I have been desperately holding on to in hope that some day I will have the chance to flaunt them again.  But, I gave in.  I realize that even if I actually manage to lose the 30 pounds it would take for me to fit into those clothes, the trailer park is probably the only place that they would make an appropriate wardrobe.  I thought seriously about moving, but I was just too tired after cleaning out all my clothes.
When I got pregnant with Kira my boobies grew at an alarming rate, prompting me to buy a variety of bras in a wide range of sizes.  I have been holding on to each and every one of them, knowing that someday they will fit again and I can throw my granny bras into the river.  But today, I realized that is only a fantasy.  As Steve so aptly put it "you are never wearing that without the help of a very good doctor."  So I tossed them.  Which made me sad, I actually had some really nice ones.  Bras aren't really a thing you just dump off at Goodwill though, you know.
Ah, an era is gone.  I suppose it had to happen.  I have to be an adult now, dress the part an such.  I did use my Christmas money to buy some new clothes, which is fabulous.  And I got amazing deals from Express.  I went for their semi-annual sale.  I got 4 shirts and 4 undershirts for $95.  Excellent.  And they actually make me feel like a girl, not like a blob.  Extra Fabulous.  I am doing better to shower every day and even try to get some make up on once n a while.  It is amazing how much better I feel about myself.  My Lord, who would have ever thought I would have to make it a conscious goal to shower every day?  Ah, the mama life....


  1. This cracked me up! I just got a bin of "skinny" clothes down from the attic that were all from college. I can actually wear most of them, but oh. my. goodness. You would not believe the stuff in there. Apparently, I dressed pretty slutty in college. Those skirts didn't seem that teeny at the time! :)

  2. I am totally with you! It didn't seem like my clothes were that small....