Cali recap

We made it home safely and even pretty sanely from Cali.  The trip was great.  We had so much fun seeing everyone and definitely plan to make it back there much more often.   The girls surprised me by being perfect angels on the plane both there and back.  You would think they were seasoned travelers.  Anyway, here are some pictures to show off the highlights!
Grandma snuggling the littlest

The girls opening their mound of presents!

I love the shot of Caitlin.  It really shows her abundant energy!

The girls colored with such concentration.  Eventually Caitlin drew a line and forbid Kira from crossing it and messing up her masterpiece!

Kira called home at the airport.  That pay phone entertained her for our whole layover! 

"I didn't do anything...."

Ariana makes her escape.  "I'm going back to Grandma's!"

And finally our poor, little, worn out girl.  She was so excited to see Trixie!  We were unpacking and she was just a little bit too quiet.  We came out into the living room to find this!  Haha.  So adorable.

Ugh.  I have so many other things I want to write about, but tonight I am just too tired.  It will have to wait.  At least I know I have stuff to write about for the next few days!  I got one really exciting opportunity while in California.  I'll be sure to tell you all about it soon!  And, for all of you out there, who much like myself, are patiently awaiting an answer to that million dollar question I brought up before I left, I still don't know.  Next week I find out for sure!  I'll keep you posted!  Haha, I make joke.

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