I am still a feminist...

but I am starting to have a slight change of heart.  Perhaps my previous belief was slightly left of right, you know...
I have always believed that basically men are equal to women.  I still believe this, but having witnessed it for myself, I realize now that perhaps we are built very differently.  My prime example was taking care of the children and the house.  Men are just as equipped as women to this.  Or so I once thought?  I am beginning to think God may have had a plan after all.  Or maybe that is just my life.
Here's the thing, Steve and I have a completely backwards relationship according to traditional standards in every other way.  He likes to cook, I like to build stuff.  I take care of all of our bills, he probably doesn't even know how much money we have in the bank.  However, in the past 4 months I have seen for myself why it is generally the woman who stays at home.  Don't get me wrong, I know the population of stay at home dads is rising, and I am sure there are plenty of amazing ones out there.  I am also quite positive they approach the situation much differently than their female counterparts.  And you know I think Steve is an amazing father.  He just can't manage a house.  He can't keep it clean, while taking care of the kids, while juggling the endless stream of balls in the air without at least a small breakdown, usually consisting of kicking the trash can.  Which he says he didn't do, but I know I saw.  
Men may think they rule the world, but women manage it.  Maybe I have just come to a new side of feminism.  Maybe I really am finding my true worth.  Let's hope that is the case.

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  1. One version of feminism states that men and women ARE inherently different, but women's work is grossly undervalued. The focus of that particular movement is just to celebrate and value feminine qualities as equal too if not preferred in some cases to masculine qualities. In other words, femininity does not always equal weakness, and masculinity does not always equal strength.