Can't Help but Wonder...

Some days I think, perhaps we should have just stayed inside.  Indoors, no one can see what an eccentric and sometimes even outright crazy mama I am.  I am SUCH a good parent behind closed doors.  What, you don't believe me?  It's totally true...  haha, wink wink.
So, we enrolled our 1 year old in preschool this year.  We had a new baby and knew she wouldn't be getting out to get the stimulation she needs/wants, so we thought it would be a good experience for her.  And it is.  For HER.  Which I guess is all that matters, but at least every other week I feel like the worst parent ever.  And today was one of those days.  I had a test today, so it was extra important that I not be late for school. However, due to staying up late studying and Ariana being up most of the night, I pushed the snooze maybe a time too much.  I thought it was 8 when I woke up Kira, only to come downstairs and find out it was 8:30.  I had to make sure she ate a good breakfast because we already got a note home saying that we didn't feed her enough.  (She refused to eat breakfast until it was time to leave.  She ended up eating half her lunch in the car on the way there!  By the time we got there and realized she had dug into her lunchbox, it was too late to go get her something else.  Sigh...)  We are suppose to leave at 8:45 if we want to play, if we don't play, we can leave around 9.  Today we left at 9:10.  Steve was very helpful, and got Kira dressed.  In his favorite little yellow polo and jeans.  The probelm is that her little yellow polo is 12 months and she is currently wearing 2T (yes, 2T she is beastly, it is ridiculous.).  When I mentioned this he said he was taking fashion advise from Dora (this made me laugh!).  I didn't have time to change her so we sent her to school in a CHURCH wearing a belly shirt.  This is the sound of my hand hitting my head in exasperation.  I had too much Pharmacology on my mind to really register this until I came to pick her up and she was wearing her backup outfit, a little dress, which I haven't taken out in months and is ALSO too little for her, so she was wearing it over her jean (which was actually kind of cute!).  I was like "Kira, did you make a mess of your clothes?" when the teacher informed me that not only was her shirt too short, but they had to change it because she now had access to stick her hands down her pants which she continually does.  Repeat hand on forehead.  Worst parent ever.  Some days I swear our teacher are gonna call social services on us.  On the positive side though, I suppose if sending our kid to school in clothes that are too small is the worst thing we do to our kids, we are in pretty good shape.
In good news, I made it to my class in time to take a deep breath and review a bit.  I ended up getting a 100 on the Math part and 94 on the Pharmacology part of my test!  By far the best part of my day.  Ah, the Mama Life..    

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