Week of Thanksgiving - Day 3

Ok, I'll admit it: I am a procrastinator.  But, but, but, I AM improving.  At least in certain areas.  Unfortunately, Thanksgiving was not one of them.  It got lost somewhere between making Halloween costumes and planning for Black Friday.  We had talked about it a bit, then my dad called and wanted us to go out to have the feast with them, then he didn't, it was a big mess.  nevertheless, Thanksgiving finalization was done this afternoon.  Which brought me to 2 separate grocery stores this evening.  The day before Thanksgiving.  Lord have mercy.  The people in Kroger were just farting around.  I swear some of them were planning their holiday menu right there in the store.  The people of Walmart, however, were on... a... mission! (note the determination there)  I am pretty sure I saw several people who were more than willing to take off an arm if you got in their way.  And this leads me to my point for today.  Today, I am (super, wonderfully, amazingly) thankful for online shopping.  I am already gonna have nightmares about my shopping experience today, the day before thanksgiving, I don't even want to imagine the day AFTER Thanksgiving.  Madness!  Lucky for me, I will be sitting pretty, in my jams, with a cup of coffee, ordering all of my Christmas gifts (hopefully for very, very cheap) from my computer.  I did, gratefully, make it out of both stores with all of my limbs intact, most of my wits, and (surprisingly) only $101 out of my pocket for our "gourmet Thanksgiving feast" plus staples for the week.  I was pretty proud of myself, and super stoked about this meal.  Thanksgiving is such a heavy meal, so we tried to lighten it up by adding lots of fruit and cheeses.  In fact, the whole meal centers around citrus flavors.  Delicious!  Right now, the turkey is marinating in the fridge, the small things are finished, and I smell my citrus pound cake, about to be pulled out of the oven.  Life is good.  And I am thankful.      

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