I LOVE Halloween!

Alright, check out my cutest little girls in their cutest little costume (all hand made by me!  I really am becoming quite the homemaker/superstar!  Now if I could just get my little mice to do these dang dishes!)

 Our afternoon started off with pumpkin carving!  I love to carve pumpkins.  Unfortunately I have been way too busy for my own good and only got to carve 1!  Usually I do 3-4.  And I have been saving this adorable trick or treat design.  I was super excited to do it this year, but I am dumb and opened the wrong pumpkin first, so it didn't get done.  Guess there is something to look forward to next year!

My neighbor Amber
The finished product!

 The girls played a bowling game Amber set up while we carved pumpkins!  It was adorable.

My adorable little lady bug
Leah-Peah  This picture of her is so cute.  I love the look on her face.

Little queen bee wouldn't get out of the stroller!

Finally she decided to push instead

and let her sister have a turn
All of our little trick or treaters: Leah, Ariana, and Ali.  Well, minus Kira who refused to get out of her car and cooperate!  Do you believe those were Amber's costumes when she was the kid's age?  I think that is a brilliant idea and so cute that she puts them in her old costumes.  They are so cool and vintage!  I am pretty sure her mom made the pumpkin.  Go Amber's mom!

Eventually Kira spotted something even better: Leah's car.  She totally bogarted it the whole night!  Little princess had to drive up to each driveway, get out, walk to the door for her candy, and then return to her car to drive to the next house.  It was pretty hilarious.  In fact, I still laugh every time I think about it!
 Mr. White was kind enough to give her the candy while she was still in the car.  She repaid him by trying to drive into the house!  Apparently it was harder to figure how to reverse.

Kira did great trick or treating.  Surprise surprise, it involved sugar, she figured it out with a quickness.  At one house, the lady answered the door with a mask on.  Ali and Leah just turned straight around and left, they were terrified.  Not my little sugar fiend, they were giving her that candy!  Haha.  After that Ali and Leah weren't real keen to go to anymore doors.  We hit up a couple more houses.  At one, the guy gave Kira her candy to put in her bucket.  She turned around and put it in Luigi's behind her.  So sweet of her to share!  By the time we got home, it was bedtime, so no more passing out candy although I think she would have found that fun too.  I was having too much fun laughing at her with that car to take her home early!    

Ok, apparently I lost all sense of self control, I just love Halloween!  And I couldn't decide on the best pictures.  This is what my dad calls 'the documentary'!  Haha.  Now you got our full Halloween experience.

Today I went for all of the after Halloween sales!  Big score: I got all of the yard creatures I was dying for at Target for half off!  I was really worried they would be sold out, but as luck would have they had a plethora of all the ones I wanted!  Then, Steve and I wandered over to Hobby Lobby to look for more Halloween stuff.  Turns out they were lacking in the discount Halloween stuff, but stocked on Christmas, which was all half off.  We got adorable penguins to decorate our mantle!  They are super cute and pink.  Steve says it is a good thing we have girls!  Haha.  Just for that I'll have a yucky boy next!  Then I'll have to paint one penguin blue...

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween!  Good night...


  1. I love your blog and Halloween is my Fav!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I could have had my usual Halloween.

  2. Thank so much for stopping by, I am your newest follower!

  3. Awesome aumie! Thanks! Glad to have you!