The Thursday Review - the 'bucket list'

OK, another facet of my blog makeover: it's the Thursday Review, where I tell you about fabulous products and places that have made their way into my life!
So, I thought it only appropriate that my first review was on something near and dear to my heart, the center of my universe: little ole me!  At church we have doing a study on revival, the culmination of which is saying "yes" to God, making God the true leader of your life.  I want to do that, I want to give myself up so that I can walk with Him.  I want to be the best version of myself.  I want to give my all each and everyday to make my life everything that I know it can be.
So, after much deliberation, here is the ever-changing rough draft of my own private "bucket list".

1. I want to walk with God.
             I need to figure out how to completely give up control and give Him what He wants from me. I            am struggling with that, but I feel I am incorporating Him into my life more everyday.

2.  I want to earn my Master's degree in Nursing.
          Hopefully I'll be finishing my Associates of Science in the summer. One step closer....  It's been a  long process, but I have to just put one foot in front of the other, one class behind me at a time. 

3. I want to give more consistently. 
      We have be super blessed in our lives and I wish we could pass that on more than we do.  I think realistically I would be happy if we gave at least 5% of our total income to others.  My goal, however, is to give 10% of all income for at least a year.  Hopefully then we will just be used to giving that much and can continue to do so less painfully.   As of now it seems like something always comes up that digs into our charity money.

4. I want to be a foster mom.
       I want to help teen moms who have no place else to go.  There was a time in my life where I felt like I had no place to go.  I can't imagine a worse feeling.  I hope I can provide some semblance of security to these girls, even if only for a short period.  I have a special passion for young mothers.   There has to be a break somewhere in the cycle.  If I can just help one girl get out of the pattern of neglect and abuse most foster children suffer, I feel I will be successful.  This is a long term goal.  It isn't fair to my children or foster kids to bring them into my home until I can give them my full attention, probably when my kids are out of the house.  However, in the interim, I am volunteering down in Port Arthur at the boys and girls house.  I am actually really excited about helping them out over the holidays.  They have a program to 'adopt' a kid for 2 weekends a month.  That is something we may ease into.

5. I want to write a children's story for my kids. 
     I have always loved to write.  I want to incorporate that into my love of my children.  I have been working on the first one for Kira, but it hasn't quite come together yet.

6. I want to be a Homeroom Mother.
    This is one of those things that has stuck in my head since I had a homeroom mother.  I always felt like those mamas must truly love their children to be able to spend the WHOLE day doing something fun for them!  Now that I am older, I understand that that may or may not be the truth, but I still can't get over wanting to do it for my girls.  

7. I want to start an Etsy shop
    I have so much creative juice flowing through my veins.  Lately, it has all gone into creating things for my girls.  I wish I could share that passion with others.  And I think the things I creat are super cute!  I am working on the shop.  I have a couple of tutu ideas that I plan on posting in the coming months!  Keep a look out for me to achieve this one soon!

Alright, so that is what I have come up so far, after MUCH thought and prayer.  I am sure I could come up with endless more, but let's be realistic, I only have 24 hours in a day and those days are numbered.  But it was a cathartic expirience and taught me quite a bit about what is important to me.  Let me encourage you to sit down this week and really think about where your life is going.  My dad always says the best way to achieve a goal is to write it down, so now they are hanging in my craft room!  I am excited to see where this mama life takes me.   

Other news in my blogosphere: keep an eye out for an actual product review and possibly a giveaway soon!  I am chatting with a business that helps rescue dogs in New Orleans!  I am pretty stoked!  I'll keep you updated!

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