It's Crafty Tuesday!

It was a rainy day today, but of course Kira was dying to go outside and run off some energy.  Instead we had to settle for a craft, so it had to be a good one!  And it was super messy, which in my experience makes it way more fun for a toddler.  Normally, I would have done this outside, but as I mentioned, it rained.  Luckily, it was also surprisingly easy to clean up, making it way more fun for mommy!  So here you go:

Kira loves to color, so today we made finger paint!  It was easy, cheap, and, most importantly, fun!

Finger paint:
 For finger paint you will need: 1/4 cup of cornstarch (be light with the cornstarch, a little less than 1/4 will be more than enough!  I added a little too much to mine and it was super gooey.  My 1 year old didn't mind though!) and 1 cup of water.  Add both to a saucepan, and bring to a boil, stirring constantly until it thickens.  (This happened way faster than I thought it would!  It was liquid one second and solid the next!)

Next, add it to little cups. I used the tupperware I used to make baby food.  Don't need those for a while.

Last, add food coloring, and stir it up to mix it. 

And there you go: fingerpaints!

Kira's masterpieces:

Eventually she got bored coloring the paper:

I looked like a smurf after this, so we took a family bath in mommy's big bathtub.  I was sort of worried, but all the color came off with nothing more than water and a little scrubbing (and what 1 year old couldn't use more of that?  At least mine always can!). 

 And here is my proof that the color washes off!  Aren't my girls beautiful?

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