It's Crafty Tuesday again!

Ok, for starters, I have been racking my overtaxed brain to come up with a catchy title for 'Crafty Tuesday' So far, I got nothing.  If anyone has any suggestions, please, PLEASE help me out!
And now, on to the juicy stuff!

Today we made an impromptu trip to the dollar store where we found super fun, super cheap loot for Crafty Tuesday.  (Ok, it's kind of starting to grow on me...)  Since apparently the new indicator of the start of Christmas madness is Halloween as opposed to the traitional Thanksgiving, we made Christmas decorations!   

We waited for Dad to get home so that it could be a whole family event.  We pulled out colors and stickers and these cute, foam Christmas tree cutouts!  Cute, fun, simple: my crafty Tuesday motto!

It all begins with stickers, crayons, and a clean slate!
 Kira had a hard time getting the stickers off the backing, but had a blast putting them on the paper.  She wanted to stack them though, so, on her Christmas trees the bottom is covered, while the top is bare.

 No more clean slate...
 The finished products: Mine is on the left, Kira's is in the middle, Steve's is on the left.  Kira helped daddy decorate his!  Mine is the best because there is a Misfit under my tree!  (*Misfit is my greatest ever Pug!*)  Kira was enthralled with the Boxer stickers.  She LOVES her Trixie!  (*Trixie is our greatest ever boxer!*)  She would point to the sticker and then point to Trixie.  She bogarted both of the Boxer stickers and the puppy stickers.  I had to fight for the Pug!  Of course, she ended up covering all the dogs up with Dora the Explorer.  They were by far her favorite.
 Our first Christmas decorations.  Steve usually has a 'no-Christmas-decorations-until-after-Thanksgiving' policy, but these were so cute, he caved. So, now we have our first Christmas decorations up on our mantle!

Happy crafting everybody!


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