Just Another Manic Monday

Ah, Monday comes and goes again.  I have many things that I want to get going, many places I want to take this blog, but it just didn't happen this week.  Time, time, never enough time.  My big bro Eric came in for a visit this weekend.  We had a blast, ate some good food, drank more beer than I have taken down in a while, spent a relaxing day down at Discovery Green with an old friend of his.  It was a short visit, but excellent quality.  Now that I am an adult, the dynamics of my relationship with my older brothers has definitely changed.  I like having my own domain and the different feeling I have when they are on it.  This is me in my element and I can have a more genuine relationship.  It was for certain a good weekend.  Unfortunately not a very productive weekend.  It seems like every time I take a moment to slow down I have to run to catch back up.  Oh well, thus is life.  At least the mama life.  There is always next week...

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