Follow Up from yesterday

I felt like I needed to follow up on my post from yesterday.  It sounded a little more negative than I meant.  I think I may have PMS, everything seems more dramatic than usual!  But today, I have a (relatively) clean kitchen.  I have an agreement with my husband of who is responsible for which chores.  Even better, his day for dishes is tomorrow!  I have hope that one day I will learn how to effectively put one foot in front of the other instead of hopping frantically from place to place.  My life is fabulous.  I certainly don't want to give the impression that it is anything else.  There are just so many things on my plate.  Lordy, having 2 little ones or being in school are full time jobs on their own.  I feel like my plate is so full, yet I keep adding stuff to it without ever taking anything out.  I am pretty much the next winner of the biggest loser at the Golden Corral.  I have got to slow my life down, do what I can, and toss the rest.  So, that is my goal.  Anyone have any advice on how to do that?  


  1. Its definitely not a cure all or an easy answer, but there is a book called "Eat That Frog" that talks about prioritizing and learning to delegate. Essentially it goes on the premise that you will never get everything done, so you need to get the most important things done, delegate what you can and let the rest go. It helped me focus some. (I'm like you- I tend to be all over the place!)

  2. When you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself of the long view. If your house isn't clean today, you won't remember it in a decade. You will remeber the fun stuff you did with your girls, you'll remember the good times with your husband, you'll remember doing well in school.

  3. Thanks guys. I am certainly a work in progress, a mama in progress. Haha. Melissa, I will totally check that book out! Thanks for the tip!