Wordless Wednesday

I thought I would use this opportunity to catch up on some pictures. 

While I was feeding Ariana, Kira was being quiet.  Too quiet.  I came into the kitchen to this:

Apparently, I did not put the oranges high enough in the pantry.  Not only did she find the oranges, she figured out how to peel one!  At least she put some of the pieces in a bowl.  I love that she only has one shoe on.  She can never seem to keep them both on!  

These picture were taken on our trip to the Children's Museum on Friday!  I love that place, and all the colors make for many great photo opportunities!

 One of my goals is to get pictures into every post.  This week, however, most of my blog goals have been pretty much left behind.  Next week...  I'll be back on top of things!  But of course then it will be a holiday and my world will be topsy-turvy again.  Is it strange that I am starting to actually enjoy the chaos?  Haha.   

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