Dear Woman who checked me out at Walmart today,

I would like to apologize for making what I'm assuming was an already stressful day just a little bit worse.  Sometimes as a mom you have to bend the rules just a bit for everyone's safety and sanity.  So, I opened the bag of marshmallows to avert nuclear disaster, it was better than everyone within 5 miles going deaf due to my child's screaming.  I don't know what to tell you, some days leaving the store is just not an option, we have to get through it somehow.  I, however, totally agree that I really should have told you the bag was open before you went to check them and spilt them all over your station.  If it makes you feel any better, I know have marshmallow goo stuck to my pants, my shoe, my car seat, and my child.  My bad.

In other news, my toddler pantsed me today.  And I was doing dishes so I couldn't just pull them up.  Me, being me, I just finished the dishes with my pants around my ankles.  I hope no one was looking into my kitchen.  She did have the courtesy to try and pull them back up afterward.  She is so helpful.

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