Day 6 - Thursday

Thursday is always busy for me because I go to school all day.  At least it's Pharmacology, which is difficult, but I find it pretty interesting.  And I like the teacher.  She gives lots of 'real world' experience stories, which add something to learning about drug side effects.  Kira also has school Thursday so it is always a mad dash to get up, get out the door with everything we both need, and get us both to school on time.   Preferably with a little before school play on the playground.  In the mornings it is not usually very crowded so Kira can play on the big kid side, which she much prefers to the toddler side.
Today when I picked her up, I took some personal time for Kira and Mama.  We played on the playground at the church, and then went shopping for stuff to make Halloween costumes.  (I am really excited about their costumes this year!)  It may not have been her first choice of activities, but I found it exciting and I tried to pass some of that on to her.  I enjoyed more than anything else just having some time alone with her.  Not that I don't love having Ariana around, but she tends to dominate our attention.  I often wonder if we shouldn't make more time to be alone with Kira so that she knows she is special as well.  I enjoyed being able to give my whole focus to her today and think I will start a tradition of Thursdays as our day together.
Me being so sick earlier in the week really messed with my plans.  The week turned out to be pretty lame.  Hopefully next week will go better.  The point, I suppose, is that I do feel like I truly gave myself and my attention over to my kids.  Can't wait to do something fun tomorrow!

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  1. I think it is difficult when you have two to be able to spend that individual time with her. I think it is a real gift to have special days like yesterday and I bet she will remember it too