Day 12 - Houston Health Museum

For Humanities, Steve is required to attend 2 'arts' events.  The Health Museum has an exhibit up now until October 31st called Siege of the Skeletons.  They are papier-mache skeletons made by people around Houston.  Each one has a different theme.  You can vote for your favorite until October 23rd.  It looked pretty interesting, so we went to check it out.  The Health Museum is normally $8 per adult, $6 per child or senior, and free for children under 2.  However, on Thursdays from 2-5pm they host Free Family Thursdays.  I am glad we didn't pay the $16 it would have cost our family to go.  It was a neat place, especially since we are both studying the human body for our career choices.  It wasn't really aimed at younger children, so while Kira had a blast running around pushing random buttons, I am not sure she got much education out of it.  However, it is chock full of useful information, great for adults and older children.  Some of their newer exhibits were really interesting.  They have one called "You: The Exhibit" which was pretty interesting.  You could take a full body scan, learn about which traits are hereditary, and do a personality test.  On the side by the bathrooms, kind of hidden outside the exhibits are some pretty cool games.  They have one where 2 people strap bands to their heads and then try to move a ball between them, super nerdy and very cool.  They also have a 4D theater which seems like it would be cool.  Unfortunately that is not quite our cup of tea yet!  The Siege of the Skeletons was somewhat disappointing.  It reminded me a lot of some the high school science projects I did.  Overall, I am glad that we went, though I am not sure we would go back in the near future.  If you have a kid that is really interested in the human body (like I was as a kid), they will definitely enjoy this museum!  I highly recommend you go on Thursday.  3 hours is more than enough time to see everything, and if not, there is always next week!  :)
On the plus side, a lady stopped me while we were there and told me I had the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.  :)  She gets it from her daddy!

The Health Museum is located at 1515 Hermann Drive, 77004

For more information, visit them on the web at www.thehealthmuseum.org

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  1. We love the museums downtown! Our favorite is probably the Children's Museum and they have a free night too. If you still need another "arts" event, there are several performances that I have listed on my website at HoustonParentsMagazine.com/calendar-and-park-spotlight.html -- there might even be some that would hold Kira's interest for a few minutes! Great blog!