Ah, the Mama Life

I am sick.   Again.  That's right, bad mama sent her 1 year old to preschool and this is my punishment.  Also, my husband is currently not speaking to me because I wouldn't chose what we were having for dinner.  Did I mention that dinner is his one and ONLY responsibility?  Is it too much to ask that he not pick petty fights with me while I am sick.  That's all.  Tomorrow, sure I'll fight it out, but really...  I can't even get enough air into my lungs to properly bitch him out.  That is an unfair fight in the making.  Not a good example for our kids.
Ok, so he did tell me I could watch whatever I wanted on tv, as opposed to the usual Monday night football.  And, he did give Ariana a bottle, put her in her pajamas, and put her to sleep last night while I was party planning at my neighbor's.  AND he does look pretty cute sulkily eating his Burger King over there...  But none of that is the point! 
Hmmm.....  I shouldn't have married such a cute boy.  He is impossible to stay mad at.

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  1. Dinner. The never ending quandary. My parents still work themselves into a passive aggressive showdown about it on a regular basis. "I don't know, what do YOU want?!" shudder. I was determined not to follow that path. Here's the solution that's working for us:
    (you'll have to c&p, I'm not smart enough to hotlink in a comment box)


    The weekly meal plan. Put all the meals for the week on the list, simplifies shopping and you just mark them off as you eat them. The choice gets simpler as the week goes on! This chart is laid out by day but no one says you have to stick to that. <3