I have no voice

Do you know how hard it is to have 2 dogs, a baby, AND A TODDLER with no voice?  Not fun stuff.  And not just because Kira doesn't take me at all seriously when I whisper "NO!" at the top of my defunct voice.   Although that doesn't help much.  But, also, I can't sing them songs, read them stories, laugh with them the way I normally do.  So much of my life has become verbal communication.  I was noticing when I was dog sitting that I even talk constantly to the dogs.  If anyone else is around to hear, they must think I am crazy, I have entire conversations with them.  And now that Kira is so late to talk, I have really had to up the ante.  I am actually sort of amazed that she doesn't talk, I ramble all day.  Perhaps that is the problem, perhaps I talk too much.  Maybe she feels like I talk enough for both of us.  She is acquiring quite the vocabulary now though.  It is so random the words she says.  How does she come up with this?  She says "up" when we go up the stairs.  Good.  She says "hot" when we cook in the oven.  Good.  She says "eye" and then pokes you in the eye.  This is where I start to question.  Of all the words she could say she says "eye" clear as day.  Still no mama, no daddy.  Oh no, it is all about "dog" and "eye".  Ah, the mama life.  What is a girl to do?

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  1. My 17 month old doesn't say anything and doctor says he's supposed to say mama & dada. Ah, I wouldn't worry. Every kid's different. Other parents tell me that I should enjoy that my boy doesn't talk, because when he starts he won't shut up :)

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