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It's another one of those days.  I finally figured out what was going on with Ariana, she slept through the night exactly once before we all caught the funk and now we are up all night again.  At least this time I know the issue and it is being corrected.  I took both girls to the doctor today.  They have an ear infection each and the usual October funk, now they have 10 days of antibiotics.  Now to decide whether I want to go to the doctor myself or just ride it out.  The Navy seemed to teach me that going to the doctor, even when you are legitimately sick, is fruitless.  Plus, I hate to take medicine.  Seriously, Excedrin makes me loopy.  They gave me Percocet once, oh man, that was awful.  l couldn't even stand up.  
Anyway, none of that was really my point for today.  I realized today that a lot of what a mom is about is acting.  At least in a way.  I act as though the things my daughter loves are the things I love as well.  Trust me, I didn't like to drink fake tea as a kid, I don't particularly like to sit and drink tea as an adult, be it real or fake.  What I do love is the pure emotion on my daughter's face.  I love the enjoyment she gets out of it.  Sometimes in life we do things that, given our own agendas, may not be exactly what we want, but it becomes about what the people you love want.  Today, I really wanted to veg out in my pajamas, watch trashy tv, whine, and nap all day.  However, I have kids, and they rarely want to do those things.  Instead, we got dressed and went to the doctor's office.  Ok, so that probably wasn't top on any one's list, but it was a necessary evil.  I still had to play with Kira, it may not have been our usual off-the-wall ADD-addled, fun, but hey I did what I could with what I had.
And again I am kind of off topic.  I wondered today what the world would be like if we treated everyone like that, like what they wanted, what they needed, was a priority in our lives.  Don't get me wrong, I fully support meeting our own needs first and foremost.  If you are in need, how will you have anything left to give someone else?  But if we all worked to make sure everyone had what they needed, it seems like we would overall generally need less.  I am going to work hard in the next few days to make sure the people around me know they matter.  I am curious to see how it changes my life.  I believe we get what we give, so here's to giving something totally positive.

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