Day 1 - Trip to the Park

Ah, day 1 and already something of a test. Ariana is not sleeping well, therefore Steve and I aren't sleeping well.  There was definitely dialogue in my head this morning, but I powered through it and I feel so much better for it.  It actually turned out to be a pretty fantastic day.  Sometimes I think I function better when sleep deprived.  I had one of those mornings where we hung just around in our pjs.  I made pancakes and bacon, then actually managed to accomplish some of those little things that aren't priorities, but I want to get done.  Chores I actually enjoy, as opposed to things like dishes.  Both girls were having a hard time napping despite being very tired, so we ended up having a family nap on the couch.  Generally I prefer my kids to sleep in their beds because the quality is better, but today I caved.  It felt so good to cuddle up with Kira and get some much needed shut eye.  When we woke up we went to Angel Park.  It is a truly great place!  It was designed for kids with disabilities which is an amazing thing to do.  Plus, it makes it a lot easier for my 1 year old to get around.  I love that she can get exposure to people who are not particularly like her.  There was a braille alphabet, and the swings are full seats.

We ran all around and had tons of fun!  While the day got off to a rocky start, I am really glad I made this resolution.  It seems like it is changing things all around.  When we got home I sat on the couch and read a magazine, something I haven't done in a long time.  For the first time I didn't feel guilty about taking a little time for myself.  I knew I had already given my kids the best part of me, I wasn't denying them anything by keeping a small part for myself.  Steve and I loved on each other all day which was nice and much needed.  It seems like lately we are so cranky with each other, most likely just adjusting to everything happening in our lives.  We had some very overdue mama and daddy time (which Ariana decided to loudly poop in the middle of.  I am learning so much as a mama, like how to stay in the moment without really BEING in the moment!).  Overall it was a wonderful day.

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