Day 10 - Old McDonald's Farm

Today definitely made up for yesterday!  Old McDonald's farm was a blast!  We even got a free pumpkin out of it!  Kira LOVED playing with the animals, especially the horses.  She even rode one, however, I think that was as scary as it was exciting for her.  She had this look on her face like she wanted to have fun, but was way too nervous to do so.  She pointed at the cow and said "Mooooo."  Such a smart little girl we have.  The peacocks were by far her favorite.  Of course all over there are signs saying 'don't chase the peacocks and deer' and here goes my toddler just as fast as her little legs can carry her!
It seems that as a parent, any time you really start to stress about something, your child picks it up and reassures you there is nothing to worry about.   Kira is still not talking, which I have read is pretty abnormal at 16 months.  I have been out of my mind about this, even though I know it is pretty early to get too worked up.  It's hard to explain that logically to a mama, at least to this one.  But, now that I have gotten my panties all abunched, she is talking more everyday.  She now has a wonderful vocabulary of "dog", "mine", and "no".  Still no appreciation: no mama or daddy, but at least it is something!

Old McDonald's Farm is a self-proclaimed 'paradise for kids', and they actually aren't  exaggerating too much.  There are several animals that you can touch and feed, including a sheep, a goat, a cow, and a llama.  They have pony rides, a train, and several playgrounds for kids of all ages.  One is an Indian village, one has a big slide, there is a kiddie play area, and big sand pile (great for king of the mountain, love that game!).  Plus in the summer they have a pool and in the fall there is a pumpkin patch!  The cost was a bit pricey I thought.  It was $8 per person over 18 months, then $1 for a bag of food.  However, we got a lot out of it in the hour and half we were there, so for us, it was most certainly worth it!  They only accept cash and check, no credit cards.  We actually had to leave and get cash, big pain, so be warned now!  :)  They also host parties in the big pavilions.
They are located at 3203 FM 1960 Rd, 77338 (From 59, exit 1960, it's past Townsen).
Phone #: 281-446-4001

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