Texas Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is always a great day.  We filled it with cool shows, tasty food, and lots to look at!  I love all the costumes, I was actually quite jealous and keep telling Steve we really need to get some of our own.  They are quite expensive though.  Sucks to be poor.  I think he may actually be amenable to it so long as he has a cool and historically accurate costume.  Apparently, he is all for it if he can have the $340 "Assassin's Creed" costume. 
I was concerned about the level of modesty at the festival.  Since when did "Renaissance" equate to "super slutty"?  It would appear that all the women of this period just ran around looking like hookers and that was ok.  Don't get me wrong, I was once young and thin too.  I get it, but there were quite a few women out there who were well past their prime.  I'm just saying.  I used to love to show everything off too, but now I have 2 kids.  Ain't no one out there wanting to see that anymore. 
Other than spending an assload of money, we had a great time.  We even talked about going back later next month.  Overall, it is definitely something you should do while it is here!  I would suggest saving up a bit so you can go crazy and not worry about the financial consequences.  Hey, you only live once, gotta splurge sometime!  Might as well be on good entertainment!

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  1. you know...you could go hardcore and sew your own ;)