Day 2 - A Simple Day

Kira got very sick last night.  She spent a good portion of the early hours yaking.  She even managed to throw up on Steve's face while he was sleeping (ACK!)  He actually handled it quite well (probably better than I would have).  Poor angel... We had big Saturday plans, we were going to go to the Natural Science Museum and then have a picnic in the park across the street.  But instead we nursed our sick baby.  By afternoon she was feeling much better.  It gave us a great chance to spend some quality play time together, dancing around her room and giggling like little girls!

Kira loves clothes and has a very distinct sense of style.  She must get it from her daddy.  Those are my oldest brother's boot from when he was that small.  She practically forced me to dress her like that!
 Sometimes I wonder if the time we spend just chilling at home isn't just as quality as taking them out.  I can really give my whole focus to the girls when we are at home.  Don't get me wrong, we NEED to go out, otherwise we all go crazy, but these quiet days at home certainly have their benefits.

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