Day 8 - the Other Daughter

I own a business dog-sitting.  (Paws and Palaces, check it out for any dog sitting needs!)  This morning I had a client on vacation, so I took Ariana to check on the dogs.  We had a nice moment while we were there.  I always feel bad for the vacation dogs because they are by themselves for a good portion of the day and night, so I make sure to stay extra long and give them lots of love and attention.  This morning it was nice out, so we sat out on the porch and chilled with the dogs and took each other in.  Ariana is so demanding most of the time, but her needs are pretty basic.  She hasn't rejected boob once.  She is always very loud, but perhaps because of this we have learned to tune her out.  She kind of is the boy who cried wolf.  Isn't that a horrible thing to say about your child?  But this is about honesty and here it is.  We cater so much to Kira because she is demanding of more emotionally, but maybe I am neglecting that Ariana needs those emotional things too.  From here out I am going to try harder to remember that she is a little girl who also needs personal time with us so that we can love on her and really show her that she too is a special individual.

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