Day 9 - Total Bust

I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.
The girls and I headed to Jesse Jones Nature Park today.  I guess I was thinking we should go enjoy Fall and be outdoors or something.  I forgot 2 vital points: 1: we are in Houston where, regardless of what month it is, it is still extremely hot and overly sticky.  Makes for a less than fun nature walk.  2: I don't like nature walks.  Apparently neither do my children.  We all ended up  covered in sweat and bugs and overall pretty miserable.  Oh well.  The point is that we were miserable together!
I am making it up to them tomorrow as I plan to go to Old McDonald's farm.  I am stoked!  I can't wait to see how excited Kira gets with all the animals!  
Ah, it was a pretty lousy day all together.  Steve was all stressed out about a test he had to take, so he was no fun.  I have been feeling pretty blah.  I am a total dunce and keep letting my prenatal run out thinking it isn't that important anymore only to realize just how vital it is to my well-being.  Without it I feel checked out, I can't focus or motivate myself for much.  Worst of all, I keep having anxiety attacks.  I have never really had them before, but they are awful.  I have nothing to be stressed about, but I just can't seem to calm myself down.  I am going to get a refill tomorrow, so hopefully in the coming days I will be back to my normal self!

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