Day 11 - Quiet time at Home

I definitely think sometimes that I enjoy my life most when we are just playing at home.  Today Dad set up a special picnic for lunch.  It made for a nice afternoon and it was extra good because Steve actually made some time for us.  I always enjoy having the whole family together, it makes everything feel complete.
Kira helped me with dinner tonight.  She is so sweet and so is her sister who gave us just enough time to do it while she napped.  Steve is at school on Wednesday night, so we are on our own and generally make something small and easy.  I decided to make one of my favorites (even when I am not pregnant, haha): macaroni and cheese with blueberry muffins.  I added a salad and some leftover chicken tenders just for good measure.  Kira poured the macaroni in the pot and got the cheese all warm and squishy.  She also 'helped' mix the batter for the muffins, put the paper cups in the pan, and licked the bowl.  At first she wasn't so sure, but she figured it out pretty quick!  I can't wait to really cook with my girls.  At the same time I am in no rush for them to get any bigger.  I love them being little.  Well, I would like Ariana to be big enough to sleep through the night, but that's as big as she should get!  Haha.  No, I guess it is sort of a catch 22: I truly enjoy watching them grow and learn, but I will miss them when they are older.  I don't look forward to the day when I will no longer be the center of their tiny universe, when I can't make everything better with a hug and a kiss, when I am no longer the one they run to.  At least I will always be Mama, and that is pretty special in itself.

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